Car Wax and Paint Sealant

Our Car Wax and Paint Sealant Services in Henderson Nevada

​​When it comes to auto care there are varieties of options when it comes to protecting and enhancing the exterior of your vehicle.

With their individual diversity in longevity, durability, and gloss enhancement, all of these forms of protection have their use. But what should you be using? While this question is largely based on your preference or in respect to budget, there certainly is a right choice for you depending on how your vehicle is used, stored, and ultimately what your expectations are after the treatment is complete.

Car Wax

​​Everyone loves a smooth, clear and flashy car, which is why it's advised to have your car waxed often.

Wax applied over the surface of your car paint, including undersides of your doors and its handles which are mostly overlooked, gives your car a glossy shine.

Our mobile car wash has both tools, machine and manual means of doing this for you. We will see to the dry cleaning of your car before engaging the use of this wax over all its surfaces as it might in a way cause the finishing to be far from perfect.

Paint Sealant

​​Another much similar but yet effective way of treating your car paint and leaving it with a glossy shine. But unlike waxing, sealant protects against harmful elements. It bonds with the surface for a mirror-like, wet finish, and produces a durable high-gloss shield. It also features an anti-corrosion element.

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