Clay Bar and Water Spot Removal

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Clay Bar Treatment

A clay bar treatment is the process of using a clay bar to remove contaminants from the surface of your car. Pollutants like asphalt residue, brake dust, or even industrial fallout can penetrate through the paint, metal and glass of your car and settle for a long time, even after washing and polishing the vehicle, which would over time will tarnish the look of your car.

Because this is a very important exterior treatment of your car, we choose to always recommend it to our clients, because it helps nullify these nasty pollutants that could easily escape your notice until the damage is done.

But there are ways you can detect them if you want so as to know when a clay bar treatment needs to be done to your vehicle. Gently place your open palm over the surface of your car and slowly massage it back and forth till you feel a roughness to the paint. If you find any then our mobile car wash would be more than eager to help you get them off perfectly and fast!

We highly recommend you hire the services of our team who are more vested in all kinds of vehicle treatments to help administer a clay bar treatment on your vehicle.


  1. Cleaning - First we clean your car to remove residual dusts from it then dry it.
  2. Spray - We use the help of a detailer spray to keep the surface glossy and ready for the clay bar.
  3. Clay Bar - Afterwards we apply the use of the clay bar, which would easily lift off and smoothen the surface of your car’s paint.
  4. Microfiber Towel - Used to wipe it clean and remove any trace of clay particles.
  5. Waxing - Used to fill any gaps left from the contaminants and helps to give the paint a beautiful shine.
clay bar treatment by mobile car detailers
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    Water Spot Removal

    Water spots are formed on the exterior of your car after it has been exposed to rain and snow.

    You would find the interior of the glass looking pristine while the exterior would have water spots, courtesy to the mineral-laden water that was left to dry rather than being wiped off immediately.

    Aside from rain and snow, water spots can also build up on your glass and even paint when you spray water on your car with a water sprinkler.

    It could also appear on your automobile when the gutters on your house leaks down rain on your car and it's left to dry under the heat of the Henderson, Nevada sun without being wiped off with a microfiber towel.

    However, some car windows come with factory-applied treatment to protect your glass from water spots. If your car lacks this feature then we recommend you hire the effective services of our mobile car wash to manually help you administer the necessary treatments in removing these spots and even go ahead to advise you on how best to avoid it or remove them yourself.

    Your car should be in safe hands with our mobile car wash.

    Some of the treatments we give:

    • Removal of the water spots with effective use of distilled white vinegar and water. This combination will help to easily lift and erase these spots from your glass or sometimes surface of your car paint.
    • Application of protective glass sealant, carnauba paste wax, or rain repellent product to the windows will ensure future protection on your glass when it's exposed to rain drops and snow in the future. These treatments allow rainwater to roll off the glass instead of beading up on the surface, reducing the formation of hard water spots.


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