Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration for Henderson Nevada

Why is headlight restoration needed? What is the process?

As important as it is to order for the treatments of both the interior and exterior of your vehicle, you should equally put into consideration the restoration of the vehicle’s headlights.

Aside from beauty, a clean headlight plays an integral role in your safety on the road while driving. With you looking through the glass windshield of your vehicle you need to have a clear beam of light ahead to light your way to avoid accidents.

Stages of the treatments process we use:

  • Getting your headlight cleaned by washing it with car soap and water
  • Tape the surrounding area to contain the reach of the sandpaper to avoid scratches on the surface of your car
  • Sand away with the sandpaper, following a repeated procedure till perfection is met
  • Polish and Wax to give it the shiny look it should have
mobile car washer completing headlight restoration
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