Interior Car Cleaning

Interior Car Cleaning - Upholstery Cleaning, Vacuuming & Steaming

​The upholstery seats make up 50% of the interior of your car. You sit on them while driving. Your family and kids would sleep on them and possibly have their shoes on it. These seats are exposed to dirt and stains when people eat snacks and other kinds of food inside the car which is why a constant cleaning is advised to prolong the life of the interior.

The upholstery seats are made up of polyester fabric, wool, wool blends, leather, and man-made leather. All these listed materials are easily contaminated with harsh stains and dirt, and getting it off completely without a trace could prove to be very frustrating unless it’s done by professionals like the team we have at Rivers Mobile Detailing in Henderson, NV.

However, you should equally bear in mind that though the presence of a stain on your seat at first might not cause any serious damage right then, going on could easily begin to wear out your upholstery and would hinder it from lasting long for you.

So your only alternative is having your car seats cleaned as often as possible. This can save you a great deal of problems and money too, because over time the buildup of grime and every other particles of dirt that we carry under our shoes and on our clothes, would spread and cause serious damage to the interior. You might just have to replace one or two of them when it becomes too bad to manage in the end.

Rest assured that our team is prepped and ready with the right mobile auto detailing tools to remove all traces of dirt, grime, stains and dust from your seat.

One of the handy tools we are always ready to use is the vacuum cleaner. We can then go beyond this to steaming and cleaning your upholstery to continue removing some particles of dusts and dirt, pet hairs you might find difficult to see or reach.

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