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Henderson's Best Leather And Dashboard Treatment

Leather Treatment

The covering leather of your car seats is not just there to make you feel comfortable when you sit on it. The leather over your seats makes up 50% of your car interior, so it's incharge of how beautiful your seats look and how comfortable they are too.

Leather seats are the cherry on top of a luxury car sundae, but without proper care, they can be downright gross. Because leather as a natural material is subject to fading and cracking within time due to pressure of the Henderson heat and UV rays. Practicing routine treatment on it would do well to prolong the life of your leather and keep your car looking factory new!

Our stages of treatment are:

  1. Vacuum
  2. Leather cleaner
  3. Leather conditioner

Vacuuming and Cleaning

Vacuuming the leather goes a long way in removing hairs, sands, and grime. For more extensive treatment we use the leather cleaner on the affected area then gently apply the use of a soft bristled brush to correct the affected surface.

Leather Conditioner

Once Vacuuming and cleaning is achieved, we go on to apply the leather conditioner evenly over your leather seat. This application helps to moisten your leather and also prevent it from cracking and equally provides your leather with UV Protection.

These three main stages of treatment do not exceed more than a minimum of 24-48 hours for maximum and satisfactory results.

Dashboard Treatment

The dashboard, like the car upholstery, is equally a very important part of your vehicle’s interior. It shapes the car itself, gives off the glow of the interior, which means that a sick and tough looking dashboard would likely make your car look old and worn out over time.

This is why we highly recommend this service to you. With uttermost care our workers would gently treat and bring your car interior back to its factory look.

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